My Hobbies

henry pig

My favorite recreational activity is cooking.  I first began to cook when I went away to college, but my parent are serious foodies and I grew up spending (usually reluctantly) a lot of time in the kitchen, mainly shucking corn for barbecues and squeezing oranges for Sunday brunches.  I now love to throw dinner parties, and hardly a weekend goes by without a gourmet barbecue or some other culinary event--my main speciality at this point being large pieces of pork.  

henry sax solo

I play sports (working on my layup), practice yoga consistently and with an eye to developing a very personal practice, and at one point was a rather good musician.  I played saxophone for many years, and had to opportunity to play at Carnegie Hall in 2007 with the Santa Monica High School Wind Ensemble, as well as tour Europe in 2006 with a California honor band.  I got to play with musicians such as David Crosby, Jackson Browne, and Gordon Goodwin.  I was a member of the Jazz Band, a Jazz Combo, and of course, my saxophone quartet, Unprotected Sax.  Now I just play the ukulele and occasionally break out the sax for the odd jam session or birthday party gig.

henry tahoe

I also love to travel, and have been very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to visit many states and countries, to live and work abroad, and to generally get a sense of the world outside Santa Monica.  This has come both from the generosity of my family and friends and the occasional hard work needed to get myself research grants. 

henry petra camels

And yes, one time I did dress in drag to raise money for charity.  I raised $137, which was almost as much as it cost for the amount of shampoo needed to get the glitter out of my chest hair.

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