Welcome to My World

Hi, my name is Henry.  A few years ago, I decided to get this domain name.  It seemed fitting, and I wanted an excuse to put this picture of me as a baby somewhere prominent. Welcome to my life.  I hope you have a look around. 

If you're looking for a place to start, my blog, Thoughts and Musings, collects the current state of my thinking on various issues. In it, I try to wrestle with the ideas that have been running through my head, impose some order on them, and let the world respond as (if?) it sees fit. A rough guide to its contents is below the picture.

henry baby venice

In my blog, I have, at various times and in reverse chronological order, written about my New Years' resolutions, complained about Star Wars, reflected on my first semester of my Phd program, explored the troubling aspects of Hannukah, bid Kobe farewell, thought about what it meant to leave home, endorsed Bernie Sanders, explored my love of Yom Kippur, felt a poignancy for my friends and home, divided my views into three time scales, compared ancient and modern climate change, wrestled with Foucault's ideas of techniques of the self, applied the concept of imagined communities to Rome, read Ta-Nehisi Coates, remembered my recently deceased grandmother, made some historical comparanda to Game of Thrones, determined that being wrong is ok, explored my paralysis in the face of big decisions, hinted at the darkness of ancient Greece, reflected on Karl Popper and history, thought about the phenomenological gap between us and the ancients, reflected on a lost election, listed the books that have influenced me most, wrestled with my personal response to Burning Man, prepared for my trip to the Middle East, mused about the usefulness of history, thought about Reparations, considered the ethics of meat eating, waffled between the consumption and production of culture, tried to define capitalism, thought with Kobe about trying to be the best, and set out my general view of our society

© Henry Gruber 2013